shark meal alabama red snapper head eaten by a shark

Gulf of Mexico Shark Snack & Red Snapper Baby Making Mission

Gulf Coast Deep Sea Fishing Charter-Research to collect live red snapper to breed in a Gulf Coast Sea Lab for future release back to the Gulf of Mexico

Several times a year AAA Charters arranges for a Gulf Coast University to charter a multi-passenger fishing vessel (with a large, round live well) to collect live red snapper to transport back to spawning tanks. The goals of these trips include: improving our understanding of red snapper reproduction; creating ideal breeding conditions for the red snapper in captivity; and ultimately releasing as many red snapper as possible back into the Gulf of Mexico.

Gulf of Mexico Sharks didn’t get the memo: Red Snapper & Grey Triggerfish seasons closed

The Gulf of Mexico sharks that typically gather along our shores in the summer months added an extra challenge to our latest research trip. Sharks are attracted to the smell of bait in the water and the commotion created while deep sea fishing. The weather was perfect, the marine conditions were ideal, and quite a few sharks ate well targeting the reef fish our research anglers were trying to reel in.

shark meal alabama red snapper head eaten by a shark

Shark Snack – Alabama Red Snapper Meal

gulf of mexico sharks snack of grey triggerfish alabama deep sea fishing

Shark Snack Alabama Grey Triggerfish

Not too Small, Not too Big, we need them just right

For the purposes of this research project, 6 lb – 8 lb. live red snapper needed to be collected because this is the size red snapper that are sexually mature, and have the highest survival rate in captivity for breeding. A few of the snapper caught were too small; but many were too big for the saltwater tanks. There are still lots of big red snapper off the coast of Alabama. The target size fish were kept in a large round live well, and then moved to large transport tanks to be trucked back to the Sea Lab.

big gulf of mexico red snapper released live in July 2014

Too big for the snapper spawning tanks so back into the Gulf it went.

big alabama red snapper released live in July 2014

We find big alabama red snapper year round off our coast

Bonus Cobia catch Deep Sea Fishing along the Alabama Gulf Coast

While targeting red snapper the crew caught a bonus tasty Gulf of Mexico delight, Cobia (also known in other areas as lemon fish or ling). The peak of the Cobia fishing occurs in late March & April when they migrate from East of the Gulf towards LA and TX; but occasionally we land Cobia other times of the year while bottom fishing for reef species.

gulf of mexico cobia caught on an Alabama fishing charter boat July 2014

Gulf of Mexico Cobia – A Tasty Treat!

The fish are still biting, so LET’S GO FISHING. Call AAA Charters for reservations at 251-609-2525

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