Alabama Gulf Coast Fishing FAQ.
Q.What can we catch?
A. Click here to see the different types of fish we catch.

Q. What is the best time of the year to book a charter on the Alabama Gulf Coast?
A. Charter fishing is good all year in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach, Alabama. However, the summer months are our busiest because of all of the people on vacation.  The weather is usually more stable and we have fewer weather cancellations. Fall, winter and spring are also good fishing. The weather causes more frequent cancellations during these seasons; however, we do have a mild climate and we do get to make many of our charters.

Q. When do we need to book a fishing or other private charter?
A. Simply, the longer in advance you let AAA Charters begin planning your charter, the greater the options available to you will be. We have a large fleet, but we also have repeat customers that make reservations months in advance. Summer months, fishing tournaments, holidays, and weekends are the periods with the greatest demand for charters.  A lot of you plan months ahead for your vacation or weekend escape to ensure you get a room.  Fishing is the same way.  You may need to plan early so you get the vessel, crew, and date of your choice.

Q. How far will we go out?
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Q. Do you need a fishing license for a chartered fishing trip in Alabama?
A. No. Bait, tackle, rods, reels, ice, and fishing licenses are included in our pricing.

Q. What is the AAA Charter’s Weather Policy?
A. No one, including the weatherman, can accurately predict sea conditions the day before a scheduled fishing trip. Officially our policy is that no cancellations because of potential sea conditions will be made before the morning of the trip. That being said, if severe weather for your trips is inevitable, AAA Charters will contact you in advance to make appropriate adjustments to your plans. We do fish in light rain or around showers. We try to avoid fishing in rough seas or high winds. We try to stay away from lightening storms at all times. Our offshore charter boats have state-of-art live satellite color radar onboard to see storms coming. Inshore boats can fish on days when we can’t get offshore. If the captain cancels, a full refund is issued.

Q. What if we need to cancel our reservation?
A. Trips cancelled 21 days in advance or more, a full refund will be issued for the trip deposit. Call AAA Charters immediately at 251-609-2525 for all trips scheduled within 3 weeks to discuss your cancellation options. If you fail to show, you will be charged the full amount of the charter, plus a 15% Tip.

Q. What are the current fishing regulations?
A. Click here to view the Alabama fishing regulations
Gulf Fisheries Management Council Regulations

Q. When should we plan to arrive for our scheduled trip?
A. Plan to arrive 30 minutes prior to departure, 15 minutes prior to departure at the latest. Your crew will assist you boarding the boat and loading your provisions.

Q. What do we need to bring for our trip?
A. Depending on the length of your charter, you need to bring the basics: non-slip shoes, food, drink in a small cooler, snacks, hand towels, protective clothing (hats, sunscreen, sunglasses, rain gear, etc) and camera. It is not necessary to bring enough food to feed the captain and crew. Many of our offshore boats are equipped with Big Green Egg smoker, or other grills that are available for your use.

Q. Can we bring alcohol? Can we smoke?
A. Yes you may bring your favorite beverages with you. However, we do not allow glass bottles; so cans, kegs, or plastic. Extra water is recommended for all charters. We ask that you drink in moderation. Excessive drinking and intoxication may lead to accident or injury. You may smoke outside, away from everyone else.

Q. What about sea sickness during fishing trips in the Gulf of Mexico?
A. Motion sickness is real and effects about 15- 20 percent of all saltwater fishermen. Some use Dramamine, but Dramamine can make people sleepy. We would suggest Bonine, Non-Drowsy Dramamine, or over the counter medicine and take as directed. Some people get a prescription patch for sea sickness from their local doctor before vacation.

Q. Do we have to keep the fish we catch?
A. Absolutely not! in fact most people on Vacation in the Gulf Shores area do not keep a fish! You can release all that you catch, keep just a few for dinner or keep what the will law will allow. The choice is yours, just let the mates know during the trip. Our deckhand can clean your catch for you for 30 per pound, whole weight and put them into Ziplock bags for you.

Q. Are there restrooms on the boat?
A. Our offshore fishing boats have private restrooms with marine commodes. Our inshore boat does not have a restroom. Inshore boats are usually close to shore so you can easily move to a marina or restaurant to use the facilities.

Q. How young or old should children be to go on a charter fishing trip?
A. Many of our customers are families fishing with kids. We love to see kids catch fish! The age of the child that wants to go fishing depends on the maturity and experience of the child. Children that are 4 to 8 years of age are common on 4 and 6 hour charters. We suggest children be 9 or older to try and take on a trip longer than 6 hours. Remember, our boats are there to help you catch fish and operate very safely. It is up to the parent to watch their children at all times.

Q. Will I lose cell phone signal during a charter?
A. Most wireless carriers provide service within 5-8 miles offshore. The range for text messages often extends a bit further.

Q. Are there any additional charges for AAA Charters?
A. All prices are cash or check discounted, all other methods of payment will have an additional 5% service charge. All non-fishing charters will have an AL amusement tax of 9%.